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About Us

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Brian Murray, M.Ed. - Exercise Physiologist - Director of Clinical Research

Age: 53
Metabolic Age: 23

Brian wrote the book on isometric training with biofeedback, literally. In his best-selling book “Stop Trying To Lose Weight You’re Making Yourself Fatter” he presents irrefutable evidence of the health benefits of properly performed, maximal isometric contractions.

"After 15 years of research using isometric exercise exclusively with clients of all ages and body types I can say without hesitation that static contractions for strength, health, and fitness improvement is where everyone is going, they just don’t know it yet."

No one has more experience and success training all types of people, including those with major injuries, health issues, and disabilities. He has become a seasoned troubleshooter after learning what works, what doesn’t, and what works best.

As a result of Brian’s extensive experience, his design input has been invaluable for shaping the ViiV into a tool you can use to help your clients and patients alter the trajectory of the aging process to that of prolonged youthful vitality.
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Rob Schweitzer - Inventor/Founder of ViiV Fitness

Age: 53
Metabolic Age: 28

Rob has been at the vanguard of isometric strength training innovation since 2005 as partner in the only company producing consumer-grade isometric equipment at the time.

A serial entrepeneur, with a background in engineering and software development and over a decade of experience in the isometric fitness equipment industry, the ViiV-Rx is the culmination of Rob's 3 year vision to create the ultimate, state-of-the-art isometric training system.
ViiV Fitness is the ultimate evolution of health and fitness from decades of scientific research.

We admit the
ViiV-Rx Isometric Strength Training Machine is ahead of its time. But eventually, EVERYONE will be getting and staying fit on the ViiV-Rx since nothing works better, faster or safer in attaining peak health and fitness.

We developed the
ViiV-Rx based on 15+ years of research and development, testing and clinical trials, thousands of training sessions and proven results with a focus on these crucial factors:

• Safety
• Efficacy
• Ergonomics
• State-of-the-Art Technology
• Durability
• Professional Use
• Accurate and Repeatable Results

ViiV-Rx is the best solution for a Mobile Fitness business, Personal Training business, fitness research, strength training, corporate wellness programs, sports training, weight loss, fitness business entrepreneurs and anti-aging/life extension because it rapidly strengthens the muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and cardio-vascular system, with minimal time invested exercising.

Simply put: Nothing works better.

ViiV-Rx - The New Fountain of Youth