By Brian Murray, M.Ed.
Director of Clinical Research, ViiV Fitness

Let's face it, exercise sucks! That's why it gets ridiculed and ignored. This 1937 quote from Paul Terry says it all: "When I feel like exercising, I just lie down until the feeling goes away."

But why the bad rap?

It's unnatural. We're hardwired to avoid expending extra energy unnecessarily. There's a reason why 80% of adult Americans "do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week." 

They are the smart ones.

One of my favorite books titled “The Joy of Laziness” makes a strong case for why you should slow down, conserve energy, and most definitely avoid the fitness craze

When I say "freedom from exercise" I don't mean you shouldn't be active. A moderate amount of movement each day is a must for proper organ function, a healthy immune system, and optimal mental capacity, to name a few.  

What I mean is that you don't need to exercise or workout on a daily basis to be physically fit. 

All you need is the energy and strength to be able to do what you have to, or what you want to when the time comes. But you don't need to wear yourself out with a workout to feel like you're not as worn out when you're not wearing yourself out.

There's a much better way to get the benefits of exercise without the exercise.

The ViiV way.

When you go all out for just a few seconds on the ViiV your body is exposed to the highest loads possible. High loads lead to the greatest strength and neurological efficiency improvements.

This means a new, much higher "ceiling" for your physical capability.

The ViiV yields the greatest changes in voluntary activation (VA); the ability to voluntarily activate your musculature. Higher levels of VA are like a Ferrari, you may not always need the extra power, but it sure comes in handy when you do. (All of this was previously discussed in more scientific detail in my article ViiV-Rx Makes Weight Lifting Obsolete?)

But here's the real magic of ViiV:

The greater the increase in VA during seconds of an all out effort, the greater the decrease in VA during everything you do below a maximum effort, which is nearly everything you do on a daily basis.


So combine a higher ceiling with even less effort to do everything and what do you have?

• A much more physiologically efficient body. 
• A much less stressed body.
• A much more capable body.

Think of it this way: it is a huge boost in your cardio without doing any cardio. The best part is you can get it from a few seconds. 

Why punish your body and age it faster with a bunch of exercise?

The ViiV way gets you a whole lotta somethin' for a whole lotta nothin'.

The ViiV means freedom from exercise.