ViiV-C | Consumer Version of the ViiV-Rx
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The ViiV-C is our planned Consumer version of the ViiV-Rx, designed for home use and priced under $3000.

In order to gauge demand for the ViiV-C, let us know if you want to be notified if/when it becomes available.

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Coming Soon?

The biggest obstacles to exercise for most people are time and accessibility. With the ViiV-C, the ultimate isometric training machine will be priced within reach of everyone!

Age in Reverse - quickly build muscle, bone and strength while lowering metabolic age.

A total body strength training workout can be completed in under 5 minutes. Workouts are always at least a week apart so the body has time to recover after stimulating new muscle and bone growth from this maximum intensity exercise. Body composition measurements will show continuing improvements.

With the ViiV App, all exercise data is stored in the Cloud to track strength training gains over time for every Trainee.

Our Patent-Pending Torque Frame™ technology achieves digitally-calibrated accuracy up to 3000 lbs. for each exercise - all on one compact, stationary machine.

The Closest Thing To Exercise In A Pill

No matter what your health and physical fitness goals may be, the only way to get there is by challenging your muscles to become stronger. Increasing muscular strength is like a rising tide - it lifts all boats. By taxing your muscles, every system in your body that supports the muscles is challenged to become healthier and more efficient. Therefore, every exercise-related health and fitness benefit that we know of can be achieved by simply getting stronger.

The ViiV-C will provide the simplest, safest, and most time-efficient way to accomplish this.
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Bluetooth Connectivity to ViiV App

  • Wirelessly connects to the ViiV-C
  • User, Group, and Guest Accounts
  • Exercise Selection Grid
  • Animated Positioning Instructions
  • Real-time Biofeedback
  • Select 5 or 10 Seconds
  • 50% of Best Trigger Start
  • Visual/Audial End Exercise Indicator
  • Stores Data in the Cloud
  • Easily Select from 8 Exercises
  • Progress Graphs/Reports with Total Strength Improvement Percentage

Exercise All Major Muscle Groups:

• Arms, chest, shoulders: Seated Chest Press

• Upper back postural muscles, latissimus, arms, shoulders: Seated Row

• Shoulders, neck, trapezius: Overhead Press

• Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves: Leg Press

• Abdominals, arms, chest, latissimus, hip flexors: Core Pull

• Spinal erectors, neck, shoulders, glutes, legs: Vertical Lift

• Trapezius, neck: Shoulder Shrug